Willow View Apple Pumpkin Farm Abbotsford

Location: 288 McCallum Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 8A2

With the wet season here already, an apple orchard might not be the best destination for you and your toddler. But here it is, our trip to Willow View Apple Farm in Abbotsford a few weeks ago before the rainy season set in. We’ve done farm trips before and our children love it, especially now that they are getting older and enjoying the excitement a farm can bring, a new playground, open place to wander, under close parent observation of course and hayrides or simply cart rides or wheelbarrows. This time it was a cart.

This farm offers a hayride to give you a tour of the place, it helps you identify where that exact type of apple you are looking for are. Farms are fairly large places, it takes a while to wander around and find something in particular if you are looking for that, or just enjoy the walk. If your toddler doesn’t really want to walk, you either hold her or carry her in a cart. The hayride was quick and a bit bumpy, but for sure fun.

So first and foremost, I would say they have a good apple variety and if you are an apple lover, this is a good place to go. If you’re simply in for the photos and outdoor time at a farm, this is a good place too. We’ve seen a lot of people photo shooting, which we tried too, but with kids is not always easy to take a good picture, especially a family one.

They have two generous children playgrounds, to keep the toddlers and older children busy for a while. We got there around 2 pm and I found it crowded; like any other place, if you go there earlier, it won’t be that busy.

Washrooms and parking available onsite of course. We did enjoy some tasty popcorn that they have for sale, $2.5 if I recall well. And since this is a u-pick farm, you pay for what you pick.

A nice experience overall, for the entire family, which I highly recommend.

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My son just loved this toy, took it very seriously and didn’t want to let go 🙂


This is the entrance for the petty zoo, make sure to wash hand on your way out!


Trying out an old tractor on the property



The hayride!



Lovely colour!


Sharing the ride with friends!


Laity pumpkin patch Maple Ridge


North- 21145 128th Avenue Maple Ridge, BC V4R 2R9

South- 12725 Laity Street Maple Ridge, BC V4R 2P2

Cost: $5


I know we are a bit late with this one, but we still need to add to the list so here it is. This year  we had a lot of ‘firsts’ and the pumpkin farm was no exception. We decided to check Laity pumpkin patch in Maple Ridge (which of course it is closed for the season). It is the biggest in Tricities and beyond, at least as far as we know.

We went there on a Saturday morning, thinking it might not be too crowded, but I think that is what every family with small children thought and so it wasn’t packed but it was quite the crowd.

They have too location, south and north, depending on your child’s age. Each location has different entertainment option so you choose which one fits you and your child of course. We went to check the one for children under 5. They had an animal farm, lots of wooden amusements and cars outside that the kids could ride, tractor ride and of course looots of pumpkins. The patch looked awesome, if you could only get into one area that wasn’t too populated, you could have taken very nice pictures.

But you know what it is like to go out with two small children, at some point diapers need to be changed, naps to be taken and soon we left, eager to see what the remaining of the day had in stock for us.

And one more thing, bring an extra set of cloths, the pumpkins are wet in the morning.

Here are some pictures and the link to the farm.

See you next time!

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