Pop up play July Coquitlam

Program: Pop up play

Location: Westwood Alliance Church (In the gym downstairs) 3129 Ozada Ave, Coquitlam, BC

Cost: free

When: Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from July 16th to July 27th, 2018 from 10- 11:30

For all the mommis looking for an indoor playground, there is a free drop in program available for the summer, three days a week, for the next two weeks in Coquitlam. For more information, click here. This is the July session, there is another one announced fr August.

We will check it out this coming Monday and see what it has to offer. If you want to get away from the heat a little bit, this is a good opportunity. I am not saying that sun and summer aren’t cool, but keeping your toddler (and your baby) in the heat for too long, it isn’t probably the best idea, hats and sunblock lotions considered.

Enjoy and see you around!