Nature in Hume Park New Westminster

Location: 660 E Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3L 3Y2

I never realized how big this park is until I went there a while back. A friend kept telling me about it during summer time, but I never organized myself to go, so one Sunday afternoon, we headed that way and it turned out to be a very pleasant walk and play time for the kids.

Of course our main focus becomes the children playground, which is very big and apparently can accommodate up to 60 kids, as per the official website. Actually when we got there, it was only us and a few other children, but it does look spacious enough to allow more kids to play freely. They have different play areas for older and younger kids,  wood chips on the ground and a variety of swings and slides and monkey bars.

There is also a spray park, right next to it, which was of course closed at that time. They have an outdoor pool as well, open from June until Labor weekend, I am guessing the water park follows the same schedule.

As for the washroom, both upper and lower Hume Parks provide washrooms that are available from April to mid-October from 8:30 am to dusk. Upper Hume washroom is also available from mid-October to April from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

It is a big park, that offers a lot of amenities such as tennis courts, lacrosse area, the playgrounds, picnic shelter, outdoor pool and sports fields.

What I liked a lot was that you can take long walks around and enjoy the view; at some point, we exited the park without realizing, we kept on walking and found ourselves outside the park.

The kids had fun and I think that summer time really brings out the best in this park. I will for sure head there during hot season, my children will definitely enjoy the spray park!

If you want to find out more about the park, including history, please click here.

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