Brentwood Mall Indoor Playground

Location: 4567 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC V5C 3Z6

Happy 2019 and Happy Chinese New Year!

We start the year with an indoor playground given the difficult weather outside, -4 and approximately 1cm of snow in Tricities, BC. Yesterday we went to Brentwood mall playground for the first time, a friend suggested the place and the children liked it a lot.

Although the mall and the entire area are under renovation, you can still access the playground without any problem. The place was clean and well lit, bigger than other indoor playgrounds we’ve seen, there is more room to store shoes and belongings, and another thing that was nice was the sitting area around the playground. You can actually use those spots to snack, but again we’re talking about a mall here. It’s easy to find a spot to sit in a mall.

The whole playground is school themed.  You have a learning bus, a rubber, a glue, hopscotch and a pencil – car among others.

Since this is for 0-6 year olds, you need to carefully watch the little ones. It was pretty busy, but not excessively. Older kids run around, not always minding the younger ones. My daughter and my son decided to play in different corners all the time, with few exceptions and that made it difficult to watch them at times. If you’re a helicopter type of parent, better bring an extra set of eyes. We had grandma watching them as well.

Lots of parking and washroom available, just bring good mood and loootttss of energy

Go check it out and enjoy!

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Also, share your experience if you happen to stop by!




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