Happy Playground- Queenston Park Coquitlam

Location: 3415 Queenston Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3E 3H1

I think this might be the last park review for this year, as the rain season is here, we won’t be seeing a lot of playgrounds anytime soon. Too slippery. Although if you put on your rain gear, I am sure there is something to do and be safe :).

This cute park has been around for a while, we simply haven’t got the chance to go visit and test out the gear. So a few weekends ago, we stopped by and took a few pictures. Because parking will be something you will need, unless you live walking distance from the park, I will go ahead and say that parking is extremely limited. If you get there at ‘rush hour’, not sure if playgrounds have such a thing, but if this play area had one, it might be challenging to find a spot. Sunny weekends could be considered rush hour I guess, right?

Also, no washrooms.

What you notice about the park the second you enter it, is that it is not your usual playground. It is meant for different age groups, however some area require a certain amount of strength, like the climbing area that you see in my pictures. Actually the whole park is a climbing area with a huge slide. Astrid loved it, which meant we had to go up and down those stairs lots of time. The slide is basically on a pretty steep sloped edge, which of course offers a nice view down the mountain.

Apart from the tall slide, there is another section for small children, up to 5 I guess, and another one for 6 and older, which a twisted slide and additional climbing structures. The entire playground is on a rubberized surface, which we personally prefer, to the wood chips and/ or sand/ rocks playgrounds. But it very much depend on the season too.

If you’re into swings, there aren’t any. And I don’t think there will be any in the future either, as we didn’t notice any intention for an extension.

There is a little seating area by the small slides and a tennis playground next to it. But the main attraction is the children play area.

That is it for now. Go check it out!

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Also, share your experience if you happen to stop by!




Jamie waiting for his sister to come down the slide


This was is gonna be hard to climb


Lots and lots of stairs!



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