Cape Horn Park in Coquitlam

Location: 186 San Juan Place, Coquitlam

Well Coquitlam did it again, with another small and cute park in the neighbourhood. This time you can find it at San Juan place. A local mom was telling me there used to be an old park before.

You would think the location is not the ideal one when you think it is next to the highway, but that makes it unique actually. You don’t see a lot of park right next to the highway. Astrid and Jamie enjoyed seeing the train passing while we were there, and you know how kids are with trains. Or garbage trucks. But more about that in a different post.

Wood chips, slides, two swings and lots of natural grass and seating area awaits you. We’ve been there a couple of times and it wasn’t crowded, hardly anyone I should say. It’s nice when you find a new park or place to go, the kids are happy, you can’t really compare or describe their excitement or happiness.

It’s a good option until the rainy season starts.

Go check it out!

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Also, share your experience if you happen to stop by!




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