Children’ Museum in Portland, OREGON

Going on trips in new cities is fun and challenging at the same time, if you are travelling with small children and you’re not familiar with the area. What you would normally do is research before you go and plan ahead, but if time doesn’t allow to do that, then you kind of take everything as it comes, which is fun too, right, but kids work well with routine, at least mine and so it is better to plan ahead.

A few months ago we went on a road trip to Portland Oregon and for a few days I had the children for myself. One of the places we loved a lot and it turned out to be perfect for their age was the Children’ museum. It is THE ideal place for 0-12 years olds. We only got a chance to go there once, due to our schedule, but definitely worth going multiple times if you are visiting and need a way to keep your children busy and entertained.

They offer lots of play stations, your toddler can choose from multiple play options, more technical or more creative, there is a water station as well, a vet hospital, a theatre.

There is a cafeteria if you want to eat, and of course washrooms available along with parking. Please bear in mind the parking is not free.

We had lots of fun and you can too!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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