Victoria Park in Coquitlam

Location: 3435 Victoria Dr, BC V3B 3H7

Parking available on the street

School is over and so is Strong Start, the program I take my kids on a regular basis. But summer is here and so is parks season, if I can call it that, when we go wondering thru the parks and enjoy the good weather. We went to Victoria Park this weekend, which happens to be a brand new park, opened June 13th 2017 and it was lovely. We didn’t spend a lot of time, but the first impression was good. It was worth the drive; beautiful quiet neighborhood.

The playground is for 0-10 year olds probably, swings and slides available, on a rubbery new surface. Surrounded by fence and a beautiful green area, the park offers a lot of seating areas and a nice spot to enjoy with kids. For sure your little one will not get bored; only my daughter had to chance to enjoy it this time, her brother decided to take a nap, but I am sure we will be back for more action.

Along with the playground area, there is also a super 8 soccer, a full-sized multi-sport court.

The park is near Victoria Community Hall, which hosts a summer drop in for children 0-5, which we will check probably soon and we’ll give a brief review like always. More details to come, I am not sure what kind of activities they offer at this drop-in.

There is washroom available as well, right next to the community hall.

That is all until next time! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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