River Market in New Westminster

This time we decided to check the River Market in New Westminster. We’ve been there before, but as you probably know, every place you visit is different when you visit with kids. So having no other plan for that morning, I put the kids in the car and we headed to New West. Pretty close for us, a 20 minute drive the most, if the traffic is good.

IMG_1100 2IMG_1104


Paid parking is available, in the downtown parkade. We usually park near 4th street, but you can enter it at 6th street as well. We choose to park closer to the exit, for some reason it makes it easier when we go home and the children are tired and not as cooperative as when we arrived. This one is closer to the elevator which takes you down to the quay. It was very sunny that day, beautiful weather, perfect to go out and play. Astrid loves elevators, going up and down, checking all  those buttons, she is fascinated by them. Just as you climb down, there is an ice-cream store/ convenience store, it was closed this time, but on busier days it is open.

And the walk starts here. I remember this place from 3 years ago, this area wasn’t finished. 2 years ago though, when I came with Astrid as a baby, to stroll around it was still not 100% finished but now it is and it looks great. Great place to walk, waterfront view, seating area, lounges.

IMG_1211IMG_1207IMG_1126 2IMG_1139 2IMG_1118

As we head towards the market, there are two playgrounds.  I couldn’t really tell what age are they for, but my 2 year old did just fine in both. I guess 0-12 could play, there are different types of slides, swings, sand pit, climbing structures, wood chips. It wasn’t very crowded for the time of the day, a few mothers with children, some grandparents with their grandchildren. After a while, I manage to convince Astrid to go check what else is there. As it happens I forgot my baby carrier in the car, which made things complicated when having to run around after one toddler, with one infant in the stroller. Jamie was napping on and off, and as most babies, he loves to be held so he can see the surroundings.

Once you pass the playground, there is another lovely viewpoint and seating area, not suitable for young kids, but still a nice spot.


Next on our list was the boat. All those buttons and control panels, can definitely hold a toddler focused for a while. We made friends and Astrid started running around with another toddler. The boat offers enough space to go with the stroller as well, so there you go, it fits everyone’s needs. It took some time to convince her to leave but in the end, we headed to the food court, inside the actual market and we snacked, we made another friend, check the washroom and slowly headed home.

Time flies with toddlers, we just got there and next thing you know, it is time to go home. Listened to some whining, but exhaustion took over and it was a quiet trip back home.

I hope you enjoyed this post and like always, happy playing!

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Also, share your experience if you happen to visit this location!




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