Tobogganing at Mt Seymour

Activity: Tobogganing

Location: 1700 Mount Seymour Road, North Vancouver, BC V7G 1L3

Parking: available, special lot assigned

Cost: children 3 years and under are free when accompanied by a paying adult. One free child per adult. Inflatables or custom-made sliding devices are not permitted.

Per person $15

Sliding mat $10

Snow and sun equals lots of fun. This year we decided to try some tobogganing at Mt Seymour. It was an unexpected decision on a Saturday morning in March, but it was a great one. Lots of sun, great road conditions and awesome sliding areas, all ready for us. We got there around 10:30 and to our surprise, it wasn’t very crowded, just a few other cars in the parking lot. This time of year, you are supposed to have winter tires, so make sure you have that all set- the road were clear this time, hardly any snow left on the way, but lots of snow on the slopes.

We didn’t go prepared, I have to admit, no gear, no sled, no winter equipment, our kids have their winter gear at hand, but my was hidden somewhere in the house, so I picked whatever I had available that would fit the occasion. Fortunately, the sun made all the difference and it was pretty warm outside.

Because we didn’t have any sled with us, we had to buy a sliding mat, the green one you see in the picture; I have to say it is not the best option, especially for an adult and a toddler but it did the job and we enjoyed 45 min of sliding as much as we good.

There are multiple sliding slopes, with a great view. Mount Seymour’s Toboggan Park is perfect for kids of all ages, but if you have a toddler then this is the place to go. You can also do tubing, but there is a height restriction so you would need to check that before going. Astrid wouldn’t fit this year, maybe next year.

My daughter didn’t see a lot of snow until now and I discovered she didn’t really enjoy walking in the snow, it might have been a bit difficult too, lots of layers can make it hard to walk, so I had to carry her pretty much everywhere. And yes, we went down and then up, with her in my arms. Good workout!

She loved it and I am sure she will enjoy it next time we go, probably we’ll purchase a real sled that will make this experience even more exciting and include Jamie as well. This time he enjoyed the sun from the baby carrier.

More on the program, check here for their website.

That is all until next time! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Before the action


Incredible scenery


Our challenge for the day


And after, a bit tired


Breathtaking view



Matching tuques


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