Workout anyone?

Happy New Year!

Probably a hot topic around the holiday season and definitely one bullet point on the New Year’s Eve resolution list: working out, weight loss, staying fit, getting in shape or whatever you want to call it.

One of the challenges I faced as a new mom was finding time and opportunities to workout and get back in shape. I am sure a lot of moms would agree. Especially when you don’t have a grandma at home to help and maybe take the baby to daycare, chances are you don’t get to workout that much, at least in the beginning.

I wanted to get back in shape, workout, get back to my normal weight and have a healthy    lifestyle. So without further due, I started thinking about options.

First I started running close to home at Riverview forest, but soon realized I started too early and running wasn’t the best option at the time. It was too demanding. The baby was only 2 months old. So I chose working out at home whenever possible, that would have been when my daughter was sleeping during the day or in the evening after putting her to bed for the night. We were and still are very lucky that my daughter started sleeping through the night when she was very very little.

After a while, I wanted to connect with other moms and one of the way I did that was by registering to Mom&Baby workout classed thru Fit4Two, that was available in Tricities area. Basically, groups of moms were meeting with a trainer, outside when the weather permitted or indoors at Poirier Rec Centre or City Centre Aquatic Centre   when it was raining for fitness or bootcamp for mom and baby. There is a variety of both prenatal and postnatal classes to choose from that they offer. Just check their website.

You can bring your baby and work out together, which for me at least, prooved to be a very efficient method of networking, working out and spending time with my daughter. Of course, if you need to stop and feed your baby, you can do it at any time.

The program was especially designed and adjusted for new mothers. I highly recommend it if you are a new mom and want to exercise!

Now with two children it got a little bit more challenging and I am still working on finding options. If you have any ideas, let me know. Whatever worked the first time, doesn’t work anymore.

I hope you enjoyed this post and like always, happy working out!

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Also, share your experiences! What workout options did you choose?



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