Bright Nights Christmas Train in Stanley Park

Program: Bright Nights Christmas Train in Stanley Park

Location: Stanley Park, Vancouver

Cost: for the train please click here, to view the displays at the Train Plaza by donation ($5.00 suggested)

When: November 30, 2017 to Saturday, January 6, 2018; closed on Monday, December 25 for Christmas.

Parking available: yes

Stanley Park is one of the greatest attractions in Vancouver and during the winter season it becomes even more appealing due to the Christmas decorations they put up. During the holiday season, the Bright Nights Christmas Train and Stanley Park Train Plaza sparkle with three million twinkling lights. That is a lot of lights I should say and they are all there until January 6th if you want to go and see them.

Despite the rain and snow we had today, we left Coquitlam and Tricities behind and we on the Bright Nights Christmas Train in Stanley Park with some friends and we liked it very much. My daughter enjoyed it a lot, she was absorbed by all the lights, and for some reason she kept looking only on the left side. Maybe next year she will check the ones on the right as well.


We got there pretty early, and took the 10:30-11:00 am ride, and luckily all lights were lit and we were able to enjoy them as it was a bit cloudy outside. I assume they are lit all day long, but when it’s sunny, they’re not very bright. The ride was about 10-15 min, long enough when it’s cold and slow enough to take decent pictures. We were accompanied by Christmas music all through the ride.

It was pretty quiet up to a point when parents with small children started coming. Even after that it wasn;t very crowded. This time slot works well when you have an early bedtime I guess. It is fun to see the lights at night, but we put the kids to bed early so it becomes a bit challenging to get there late afternoon or evening.

If you choose not to get on the train, you can view the displays only. More available before Christmas I assume, the lights were lit but for example Santa workshop was closed for obvious reasons. Getting ready for next year, right?

There are also food trucks, not all of them were open, but if wanted to grab a coffee, you could do that. So bottom line, a good experience, my daughter was excited, my son took a  nap, maybe next year.

That is all for now.

I hope you enjoyed this post and happy holidays!

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