Christmas in the malls

Ho ho ho!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Just like that, Christmas in the malls. We spend more ‘Christmas time’ in the malls rather than at home. True. Busy with the holidays preparations, I took my kids and my mom to the two malls nearby, Coquitlam Centre and Lougheed Town Centre recently to buy some of the things we needed. And everyone was doing the same. The malls are packed with people, all the time, but especially during winter holidays.

You know how the malls have huge parkings and you wonder who parks in those secluded spots, far far far away from the entrance? Well, someone is, during winter holiday shopping season. That’s how you can tell how crowded a mall centre is, by looking how many cars are parked outside. I try to avoid going there too often, now when it’s so crowded. It’s true that with the cold season, sometimes, going to an indoor playground in some mall is a good idea.

Entering the parking lot, I quickly realized that finding a closer parking spot may prove to be a challenge. Crossing the entire space with a double stroller equals no fun.

Everyone is shopping, that is the word of the day, shopping, sometimes I wonder what do we buy all the time. We’re walking away with tons of bags of stuff. Well, that is for another discussion.

Coming to one of the central figures in the mall these days, Santa Claus, this year I took my daughter for the second time to see him and surprisingly, she reacted exactly like last year, and that is very suspicious of the fat man dressed in red that she didn’t know. She kept checking him out, with a serious face and said no whenever Santa or myself invited her to sit in his lap and tell her wishes.

My son on the other hand, didn’t seem to be bothered in any way. Those are the two sides of the story, you either love Santa or you don’t.


It’s funny how every time we go, to either of the malls, and I ask her if she wants to go visit Santa, she gives me a confident ‘no’ and keeps her distance, watching him from afar, curious, checking every moves he takes and probably wondering what’s that about, what he is up to. It’s like she wants to keep an eye on him.

One time, Santa was telling me that it may take a few years until she ‘accepts’ the idea. She may continue to show this resistance the following years too, but that’s fine. Astrid doesn’t really know or understand what Christmas is, or what Santa can bring. She is not familiar with the concept of present or gift. But that is ok, there is no rush.

Well, that is all for now. Wrapping presents almost done, shopping list checked out, we are waiting for the holiday spirit to take over and let’s enjoy some quiet time with family and close ones!

And of course, let’s hope for some snow if possible. White Christmases are the best!

I hope you enjoyed this post and Merry Christmas everyone!

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Also, share your experience if you happen to visit these locations during this time of the year!




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