Playground at Central City Surrey

Location: 10153 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC V3T 2W1

Cost: free

When: depending on the mall hours

Parking available: yes

A few days ago we decided to check the indoor playground at Central City in Surrey. We were in the area so we stopped by a bit, with the rain and all, we have less and less outdoor options.

First thing busy parking outside, we parked on the first available spot. The mall is not very big but it is crowded. Once we entered, so it happened we ran into their indoor playground, which of course was very crowded as well. Lots of kids and unfortunately lots of kids that were clearly too old for that playground, accompanied by their parents made the experience not so pleasant. Hubby decided to be the playmate for Astrid this time, let himself guided thru the maze.

They hardly tried any of the options, there were kids everywhere. Some of them monopolizing some of the toys, making it difficult for anyone else to play.

Second, you know how I mentioned these playgrounds require that you wear sock? Well, noone was and those who weren’t barefoot, were not wearing socks, but shoes, parents too.

We didn’t spend too much time there and headed out. My daughter didn’t really enjoy and neither did we.

See you next time!


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