Zumba at Lougheed Mall in Burnaby

Program: Zumba for Mom and Babies

Location: Lougheed Mall 106- 9855 Austin Ave, Burnaby, BC V3J 1N4

Cost: free

Parking: yes

Mommies everywhere, this is a very good workout option! I did it during my first mat leave and I am going now again, during my second mat leave with my son.

The Zumba for mom and babies class is held in front of London Drugs at Lougheed Mall every Monday at 11am and Friday at 10am. It used to be only on Fridays, so I guess it became quite popular and they increased the frequency.

From personal experience,  I can tell you it is a great program, where you get to dance, sweat and get a good workout, not to mention get to socialize and meet moms, who are also looking to meet other moms. I got to meet one of my best mom friends at Zumba and we are in touch all the time.

If your little one is napping, even better, you get to enjoy 45 minutes of pretty intense workout. Water included and at the end you also get a stamp, every time you go; once you have 10 stamps, you will receive a $10 gift card to spend in selected stores throughout the mall.

Of course, since you’re in the mall, why not take advantage and do your shopping, have lunch or check the indoor playgrounds! Pretty convenient!

They have covered parking, which is pretty handy when it’s rainy, or snowy, but last time I went the access was blocked and it looked like they’re starting to work on a new buildings project. The area is being developed quite rapidly lately, lots of cranes around. That can only mean one thing, new construction sites.

I hope you enjoyed this post and like always, happy working out!

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