Eagle Run in Squamish BC

Location: Squamish BC

So this post was supposed to come out some time ago, but for some reason got stuck in draft. It will look weird with all the snow that you see in the pictures, but here it is. It’s October and we have no snow – yet. It was simply a beautiful cold day and we came back home with beautiful memories.

And because taking walks is good for when you’re pregnant, we drove 1h up to Eagle Run in Squamish on Saturday to see the eagles. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any, but we surely enjoyed a nice walk in the sun.

A long white road in front of us, feeling the snow underneath our feet- just lovely. We haven’t felt that since we moved from Quebec. Strange thing how one misses the thing he most hated in the past, not the snow in particular, but the cold that came with it.

Although we went to check the 3800 eagles announced, we ended up seeing none. The sun and lovely weather weren’t strong reasons enough to make them come out, nor the volunteers that were prepared with high-resolution camera to catch the moment and share it with the curious.

But nonetheless, great area, great outdoor location to spend time and just think of nothing.

Astrid, the walk was lovely, the warmth of the sun was very present- you probably felt it too <3. They say during pregnancy the future moms have a higher body temperature, which is true in my case. There were -7 degrees outside and usually I would be freezing, but that day I didn’t feel any of it. Of course I get my share of critics that I should put more layers and make sure I am warm, but this winter everything is different, everything is special. I am warm and I am enjoying it.

Next we went to another place in Squamish, not sure how the area was called, a bit wild and industrial, close to the downtown, Squamish downtown, which is small, but neat and cute. It was a nice and quiet area to walk your dog or walk on the string like some old man was doing.

By 3pm, we ate and head home. Back home, when I craved milk and Nesquik, I realized that all I ate that day was in the form of a breakfast. In the morning, before leaving the house, then lunch in Squamish where I chose an omelette, and milk and cereal in the evening, so the whole day I ate breakfast.

I am morning person, what can I say!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I am simple looking forward to go there again, this time with both my children, Astrid and Jamie.

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Also, share your experience if you happen to visit this location!




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