Time for Gym at Hyde Creek Rec Centre Port Coquitlam

Program: Time for Gym

Location: Hyde Creek Rec Centre

Cost: $3/each drop in fee , $5/2 children

When: Friday 9:30-11:30 am

Parking available: yes

Tricities area is full of drop-ins, this time at Hyde Creek Rec Centre in Port Coquitlam. Very similar to the Wilson Centre programs, this one is focused on movement and running around as well. They have a huge gym, specially adjusted to satisfy a toddler’s needs for running around and get those red cheeks out. The program is for children with ages between 0 and 6 years old. For more info, please click here.

Your little one will be able to choose from a number of stations, including, soccer, floor hockey, bowling and other active stations, a small ball pit, and fun ride on toys. They can check the climbing structures and slides available too.

It is a drop-in program, $3 per child, $5 if you have two, which you pay at the reception.

The location is easy to access and there is plenty of space for your stroller inside if you need to bring one, in my case Astrid walked and I brought Jamie in his car seat, he is still spending lots of time sleeping. We will use a baby carrier as of next time, but while my mom is with us, we can split tasks, one is watching Astrid, the other one Jamie. Good to have someone around, right?

There is seating area available on the side as well. You can catch your breath a while your little one keeps playing, or you and him/her can enjoy a snack.

Everything and everyone is on the move, kids are running around, a lot of action going on, so watch out for your little one, other kids may run into him/her very easily. It’s been a fun place to check out and for sure we will go there again.

That is all from here for now. Hope you enjoyed this post!

Happy playing around!

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