Dawes Hill Park in Coquitlam

Location: 2215 Dawes Hill Rd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6H6

Parking available: yes limited

One of the tiniest parks in Coquitlam, Dawes Hill park has been recently renovated and it looks awesome. The City of Coquitlam is really doing an awesome job renovating these playgrounds and giving them a new look and a brand new equipment.

I remember driving in the area and seeing this park, all dull up on the hill, and thinking how much potential it may have if only renovated and there it was. A few months later I saw the new stuff being brought in and the park getting a new facelift.

Very colourful, surrounded by forest, the park appeals to different age groups. You can find the same type of roller slide, or mini slide, or regular slide and swings like in other parks, but different colour theme. It appears as if every park has a colour theme. This one though, doesn’t have a rubberized surface, like others, if that is something you like, but it has wood chips. My daughter is simply in love with them, she plays with them a lot.   It really makes you wonder what makes kids happy.

There is also a swing area and that is all. Like I said, it is tiny indeed. No washrooms, or at least I didn’t see any.

There could be more coming, whoever is designing these playgrounds is definitely very creative and kid-centric. It looks like there’s still space left to add one or two play stations.

The park also offers a few seating areas and two picnic tables and…… a nice viewpoint to the Port Mann bridge, Mount Baker and Fraser Valley!!!!

Enjoy and happy sliding!

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