Coquitlam Centre mall indoor playground

Program: free indoor playground

Location: 2929 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam BC V3B 5R5

When: daily, depending on the mall hours

Parking available: yes

You are probably familiar with the indoor playgrounds in the malls. Every mall has them or almost every mall. Coquitlam Centre mall is one of them, we go there often as it is close to where we live and it gives us a lot of options in terms of shops. So we end up doing some shopping, grab something to eat and get to play in the free play area. Astrid never says no to such an opportunity.

The playground is located on the lower floor, north west entrance. It is not a very big space they offer, but it’ll do the job on a rainy day. And as we get rainy days a lot every year, the more options you have the better, right. Being indoor with your little one can be tough and demanding, as kids need to jump, run around, burn some energy out and for sure it’ll help avoid losing your mind.

All the playgrounds require kids and their caretakers to wear socks inside the area for hygienic reasons and that is the case with Coquitlam centre too. The nice part is they provide with socks if you don’t have them. I was never in need of socks at this mall, but there is usually some customer service staff walking around and offering some if needed; I assume you will need to pay a small amount. At Lougheed mall for example, in Burnaby, there is a vending machine full of ‘kinder eggs’ with a pair of socks inside, for which you pay $1. Loonies accepted only.

The play area is not very spacious, the kids’ options include playing in a boat, a car, a mini slide or a tree, with additional built-in games on the walls around. Some pictures below as usual.



Mommy, how do I get off this boat?


I think I am stuck in traffic.



So are you getting on the boat or what?

As we’re in a mall, you have access to washrooms, food court and parking and all the other commodities.

The playground is clean, the ‘toys’ are rubberized and kids friendly. A nice soft and colourful carpet and you’re ready to play.

If you’re little one is old and independent enough, you can rest in the seating area outside the playground watching him/ her. And of course, parental supervision required at all time.

Don’t forget to leave your shoes at the entrance!

More on location and what the mall has to offer, check their website.

Happy playing!

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