Rochester Park in Coquitlam

Location: 300 Rochester Avenue Coquitlam

Cost: free

Parking available: yes

Awesome park, the most recently opened in Coquitlam I believe and quite impressive. It is located next to the Maillard Middle School, easy access from Austin street.

We went to check it out today for the first time and it’s been opened for just 2 days, officially. At a first glance, it seems to appeal to different age groups: a roller slide and sand pit for toddlers, a lot of climbing structures for older kids, a tunnel slide and a zipline, and a spray / water park for the hot season. There is also a skateboard area. But bottom line,  I would say it is more for older kids than toddlers, or at least the older kids have more options.

With that in mind, my 18-month old daughter, didn’t really have a lot of choices, except the roller slide and some playing in the sand, but that didn’t make her sad of course, she actually quite seemed to enjoy her time there.

The whole design of the park is interesting; it is divided into three areas, all of which encourage active play and adventure; the various climbing areas appeal to the children’ imagination and strength, and of course, there is a thick layer of wood chips underneath to ensure a soft landing, just in case. It does make a child come out of his/her comfort zone.

Also, good workout going from one area to another I should say. I walked with my daughter from one level to another and back, which includes 2 sets of stairs that you can see in my pictures, good exercise for both me and Astrid. Of course, halfway I did have to carry her. Or we could have taken the slide tunnel on our way back.

There is though more to it actually. You can find more information here. It sees that the idea is to have some trails connecting all levels, connect the park playground areas with the actual forest that’s next to the park, so if you’re a fan, take a hike as well.



Parking is available on two levels of the park, next to the water /spray park and picnic area and another one right at the entrance on Rochester street. Not a lot of spots available though- going there on a ‘rush hour’ might leave you without parking.


Washrooms are available too on the lower level. That is where you find the picnic area too. The park is not very generous in terms of sitting areas for parents, there are some benches here and there, not a lot. It was pretty empty when i went, not sure about crowded times.

Overall, a very nice park, I have to admit that what struck me at first is the scenery. It is a great place for everyone, no matter the age, to come and enjoy time in nature and a splendid view for sure! This park really has a lot of potential.

Happy climbing!

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